Raymond Huet


 Founded in 1873, the selection 'RAYMOND HUET' builds on the longstanding legacy of almost 150 years of exceptional winemaking in the BORDEAUX region. A proposition unlike any other, the range of today offers an unprecedented fusion of this time-honored expertise and the unparalleled skill of Michel Rolland, an oenologist and producer renowned over the world for his revolutionary approach to wines- and for its outstanding results.

The unbreakable bond between the vine and the product of its fruits has been at the very core of RAYMOND HUET wines since its inception. A native of the Loire, with estates in the Muscadet region, the father of the brand began his unique tradition of craftsmanship upon his establishment at the heart of the BORDEAUX region, at St-Ciers Sur Gironde. A passionate advocate of the principles of 'terroir', and of close, constant contact between producer and grower, RAYMOND HUET established a wealth of tradition and deeply-rooted savoir-faire that continues to flourish to this day.



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