Michel Redde



REDDE’s family tree allows us to look backwards until 1630, when a man called « François REDDE » was already a wine grower in Pouilly-sur-Loire.


Michel REDDE was born in 1930 in Saint-Andelain and decided to stay in the vineyard in order to perpetuate the wine grower profession which, formerly, be reserved to the monks (where came from the name of La Moynerie).


It is thanks to his courage and tenacity that he succeeded with his wife Simone, at the beginning of the 1950’s, in buying, regrouping, clearing the land and planting, in order to expand the family property.


Ten years later, they decided to build a tasting cellar which they called “La Moynerie” on the border of the famous Route Nationale 7.

This one has been opened to the French and foreign customers coming around, in July 1966 and it permitted the REDDE’s family to make their wines of Pouilly Fumé and Pouilly-sur-Loire known.


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