Liquoristerie de Provence (46)


Awarded the prestigious « Living Heritage Business » label by the French government, the "Liquoristerie de Provence" is the symbol of “l’Art de Vivre” in Provence, blending traditions, innovations, and quality of life.


In the heart of Provence, in the city that inspired so many artists, we create absinthe, liqueurs of Provence, and prestigious perfumes.


The “Liquoristerie de Provence” has chosen the exciting task of reviving the aperitifs and liqueurs of Provence, in the spirit of the "mestres" (Provençal masters) of the past.


Rediscovering their unique know-how, and faithfully following the methods passed down from generation to generation, we are again producing flavours and sensations that everyone thought were lost.



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    Neophytou Nikolaidi 53
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    T: 26 100555
    Prodromou 49C
    Nicosia 1090
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    T: 22 730138

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