Domaine Valéry Renaudat


They are installed on trays and of slopes dating in most cases from the 1st secondary era.
Their soil is made up today of a big variety of calcareous and loamy sediments on which the winegrowers planted a number restrained by quality grape varieties.
The continental semi climate and the soil of the various appellations particularly adapted to the used grape variety , Sauvignon and Pinot noir in the majority, allows the production of great wines.

Wines of the Centre Loire have in common lightness, freshness and fruity which make them particularly nice and in harmony with the regional food.
White wines are fine, sprightly and full of fruits, their aromas recalling the broom, the leaf of blackcurrant and the citrus fruit. A rich mouth and a freshness always present allow to give wines of big breed.
Red wines are flexible and perfumed, full and long in mouth.
Rosés are of a big sharpness, with the delicate aromas evoking autumn fruits.


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