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The French gastronomy is known all over the world for its quality and diversity.

It is the fruit of a secular heritage and is also constantly evolving thanks to its professionals who continue to revisit their classics to always surprise and satisfy us.

To taste the French gastronomy is to taste ‘l’art-de-vivre à la française’. It involves finding local producers and passionate chefs who convey their passion into their food.

From Normandy to Provence, from Brittany to Alsace, passing through Burgundy, South West or Corsica. Through its gastronomy one can know all the diversity and wealth of the French territory. Each region invites us to taste their specialties and their cuisine in moments of sharing and conviviality.

The French Gastronomy, in 2010, inscribed for the first time in the list of the intangible heritage of Humanity a patrimony related to the gastronomy.

These are the components of French gastronomy taken into account for this insertion: the purchase of good products, preferably local, whose flavors harmonize well together; the careful choice of dishes that reflect the diversity of regions and terroir; the marriage between food and wine; the quality of the kitchen; the aesthetics of the table.

In all the happy circumstances of their existence, the French are gathered around a good meal. Whether it’s an “apero” among friends, a commercial meal or a banquet, this meal praises for conviviality, for humanism at the table and for well-being.



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